Urbex photography is derived from Urban Exploring. In this branch of photography you visit abandoned buildings and environments that are usually not open to the public. These forbidden locations are often so interesting because of the story they tell. The buildings have been used for many years for many reasons: from abandoned villas to former hospitals. When you are in such a deserted location, you feel the memories and see the beauty of the decay. The location is close to the center of Liège.

Al mijn foto's zijn heel makkelijk, en rechtstreeks, via mij te bestellen op elk gewenst formaat en materiaal , denk aan bv posterpapier, tuinposter, canvas, aluminium, acrylglas, metaal, fotobehang etc, etc

Maar je kunt ook een digitaal fotobestand aanschaffen en het lokaal laten printen.

Stuur mij een (privé)berichtje of whatsapp en ik ga het regelen.

All my photos can be ordered directly through me in any format and material, such as poster paper, garden poster, canvas, aluminum, acrylic glass, metal, photo wallpaper, etc.

But you can also purchase a digital photo file and have it printed locally.

Send me a (private) message or whatsapp and I will arrange it.